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The Women are the Future of Freemasonry


Freemasons Say They're Needed Now More Than Ever. So Why Are Their Ranks Dwindling?

- Christianna Silva 

NPR Article November 28, 2020:

"Exclusive practices"

"Some outside the organization say that the Freemasons would be able to offset the decline in membership more easily if the group was seen as more inclusive toward women and people of color."



Women and Gender-Diverse Freemasonry
North American - Directory

The Secret’s Out: Women and Gender Neutral Freemasonry in America since the 18th Century.

Ladies, Gender-Diverse People, and Men who want to be in fraternal harmony with us. Find a Lodge that appeals to your sense of direction. Everyone's path is different in self-discovery. Be sure to take your time in finding your Masonic Lodge. I have provided this North American Directory to help with your research in exploring opportunities available to you here in America!!

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Image by Matheus Viana

George Washington Union  Freemasons of North America

Throughout, the year 1976 several American and French Freemasons were meeting in New York anticipating celebrating together the 200th anniversary of American Independence Day on July 4th. The French Freemasons were members of New York’s Lodge L’Atlantide which, since 1900, had been working under a charter from the Grand Orient de France. Later that same year, on December 10, 1976, it was decided to create an American progressive Lodge in New York.  Its purpose was to serve as the nucleus of a future North American body of Masonic lodges, working under the concept of absolute freedom of conscience.

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